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Captain Planet Foundation

For over twenty-five years, the Captain Planet Foundation™ has been activating generations of environmentally literate citizens empowered to protect and sustain the natural systems upon which all life depends. Through their four main program areas, Captain Planet Foundation™ invests in high-quality, solution-based projects that inspire and teach youth to become collaborators and agents of change.


The mission of the Captain Planet Foundation™ is to give the next generation of environmental stewards an active understanding and love for the natural world in which they live.

The environmental challenges facing the planet today and into the foreseeable future defy old answers and rote solutions. Climate change, habitat and biodiversity loss, population growth and migration, resource depletion, globalization – these changes present complex problems that demand a different set of skills from the next generation of global citizens.They need to be able to: think critically and creatively; examine and explore situations; innovate and design workable solutions; see the relationship between local and global systems and action. And maybe, most importantly, they need to be citizens who are motivated and activated to care; who have learned to embrace their empathy and work together to create a sustainable, livable future for all inhabitants of the planet.

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VRTU Studios

VRTU is a team of creative directors, film producers, photographers, designers and digital mavens that live at the intersection of art, fashion and culture. VRTU works with leading brands and talent to deliver stunning visual experiences in the most relevant moment.

Philanthropic Mission

Art and storytelling are powerful virtues that can create transformational cultural experiences. VRTU is deeply passionate about helping humanity and protecting the environment and donates substantial resources and crew for documentary film projects around the world that support significant causes.

Whether it's providing relief and medical aid during times of natural disaster in Haiti and Malawi or filming deep underwater in the Carribean with a pack of tiger sharks, VRTU believes in the power of visual storytelling to drive awareness and inspire change.

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